The Squire of Gothos

I’ve been lovin’ these guys’ bassline raver tracks. They just sent over the DJ mix below which is a great showcase of their sound.

A couple of their tracks are posted for free DL over at Palms Out Sounds and they’re definitely worth checkin’, but I highly recommend their digi-EP called “Rave Lord” which is available at Juno Download ->

DJ Mix MP3:
The Squire of Gothos “Forest Gateaux Mix” ->

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  1. Nas “life’s a bitch (Squire remix)”
  2. Squire Of Gothos “Sandpaper Riddim”
  3. Destiny’s Child “Independant woman (squire Remix)”
  4. Squire Of Gothos “Jonas’ Birthday”
  5. Squire Of Gothos “Graftin’ Every day”
  6. Squire Of gothos “?”
  7. Onyx “Slam HArder (squire rough remix)”
  8. Delacy “Hideaway (Squire of Gizzle remix)”
  9. Adina Howard “Freak Like Me (Squire’s Hired Goon remix)”

8 Responses to “The Squire of Gothos”

  1. 1 kstrev

    good mix – 2nd tune the rudest and fattest !!! heading to buy it – nice things

  2. 2 JonBro

    wow, this is some serious stuff. I like the mashup between oldskool hardcore and the newer cleaner bassdrum sound that they are getting here.

  3. 3 biftwaan

    so so good. the squire owned chesters in bristol last week. haven’t seen a set that good for ages. big tings!

  4. 4 Battered

    fucking immense! You should come to leeds

  5. 5 tommy t

    Squire!! Big ups, this mix is meaner than Arnold Schwarzenegger on LSD.

  6. 6 Ghetto Blaster Kernow

    Mash it like soft spuds! How can you not want to fill your belly with cheap cider and wave a lighter around with these tunes pumpin! In-fek-shus!! x

  7. 7 Monkey Zee

    “Graftin’ Every day” got released as “Padman” on offmenut records – you can download it from the website for free (just search ‘offmenut records’).

    It’s the first track in one of the short playlists I put up on youtube too – – respect to Squirey G – you’re inspirational – cheers.

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