Fan Mail

The following message just dropped into our inbox. This site used to be awesome and deserve the title of Now all you have is crap RnB beats and dodgy dance shit. What happened to all the Aaronspectre, Bongra, DJC (his decent mixes like breakment), shitmat, dj sockmonster, dj skunk, enduser??? At this rate […]

Mashit Release: Bong-Ra; “Panther Fight”

Dutch producer Bong-Ra is well known in hardcore-rave, jungle, and breakcore circles for his classic releases on labels like Planet Mu, Cock Rock Disco, Sublight, his own Clash imprint, and his Peel Session, released on Death$ucker. We’re honored to present the exclusive Mashit release of this stark raving mad 2-track digi-single, Panther Fight. Down But […]


Releases DJ C; Umami (16 track album: Amazon MP3, iTunes) Deliciously varied and delectably danceable Listen/Download at Amazon MP3 -> DJ C; Sonic Weapons (16 track album: Amazon MP3, iTunes) To kill sound-systems and destroy dance-floors Listen/Download at Amazon MP3 -> Electro Organic Sound System; Roots Wreck Remix (10-track Album: Amazon MP3, iTunes) Wreck-step, ambient-dub, jungle, […]