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Ode to Amen


Oh funky break
Oh magical jungle beat
Some call you "played out"
True junglists say:
"Chop it up, yo.
Infinite combinations"

Diggy Diggy
Clack Clack
Diggy Diggy

Oh wonderful percussive arrangement
I stand in awe at your feet
Seven inches of glory
The Winstons were pretty tight
Even though the A-side sucks
I wonder
"Did they have any other records?"
Only God knows
And the Winstons
And the owners of

Metromedia Records
And probably some other people too
But I digress.

Oh stupendous break
Litmus test for junglists
Always lingering in their thoughts
Your constant, smug whisper:
"Can you find me? Can you chop me up?"
Hype & Bukem can!

As can Remarc, Krome & Time,
Andy C, Slipmatt & Lime

B-boys of the world unite!
Tell this record how you feel!
Profess your undying love!
"We can chop you up!" the junglists say
Firing up their Amigas in anticipation
"We will do you justice!"
"You are not played out!"
"We will show the world!"

And the break replies:
"Amen, Brother".

---Chris (Murderbot)

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