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HTTP // GOLD (Adult Contemporary Serotonin For The 21st Century)

Download: HTTP // GOLD (Adult Contemporary Serotonin For The 21st Century)

When FM radio emerged in the late ‘60s as a format for “album-oriented” rock music, it was a new, open-ended land of opportunity. The music enthusiasts who were excited enough to want to broadcast their favorite new tunes using the not-yet-popular platform were about to blow open an entire generations’s doors of perception. Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, and so many others were creating ever-more challenging and experimental music that was presented to, and consumed by the Baby Boomer generation as pop culture. Those same tunes are still played over and over again on FM today as a broken-record-homage to that historic moment.

As the FM format grew and became more commercial during the ‘70s, the experimentation began to wane, and pop music became more homogenized. It wasn’t until the early ‘80s when a new format called music video was ushered in by MTV, that the flood gates of popular music were again opened. The Talking Heads, Run D.M.C. The Beastie Boys, The Cure, Guns & Roses, NIN, Nirvana; MTV was breaking new music in the ‘80s, and influencing FM’s “alternative” format. Then, just like had happened to FM, in the early ‘90s MTV became more commercial and more homogenized, and popular music again began to stagnate.

It was with the emergence of the most disruptive technology to date, the internet, that pop music was once again blown wide open. The musical gate-keepers of the past are were toppled. Now there are thousands, if not millions of taste-makers curating micro-scenes of pop across the world. Artists now become famous on platforms like YouTube, and Facebook.

HTTP // GOLD is a DJ mix of internet-age music that, in my head, is as popular as Pink Floyd or Madonna, only now popularity is less clear since the gate-keepers have so radically shifted and diversified. The other unifying factor is beauty. These are serotonin-inducing, chill-out tracks that could have easily made their home on an AM Gold compilation in a parallel space/time.

DJ Mix “Beats Researched”

Digging back 20 years into the explosive jungle sound which pushed toward dubstep 10 years later, and eventually led to the global bass movement as we know it today, this mix weaves together some those stylistic threads routed in Jamaican, UK, and US dance music culture.

DJ C “Beats Researched” Tracklist:

  • Ori Shochat x Dango – “Rain”
  • Dennis Brown – “Rebel With a Cause (Bizzy B Remix)”
  • Zeds Dead – “Rude Boy”
  • DJ Krome & Mr. Time – “Ganja Man”
  • Estelle ft. Janelle Monae – “Do My Thing (JayCeeOh Remix 2.0)”
  • Conquering Lion – “Code Red”
  • Amazon II – “Booyaaa! (Open Your Mind)”
  • DJ Rap – “Intelligent Woman”
  • Sibot – “Magne Jam”
  • DJ Krome & Mr. Time – “Studio One Lick”
  • Ms. Dynamite – “Dy-Na-Mi-Tee (Instrumental)”
  • Remarc – “R.I.P.”
  • Si Begg – “Bangin”
  • DJ C – “Circe”
  • Prizna f. Demolition Man – “Fire (Urban Shakedown Remix)”
  • Swizzymack – “Dri p”
  • Dillinja – “Muthafucka (Fire Fox Relick)
  • Wildlife! – “Galang So Feat. Major MacKerel”
  • Supra 1 – “Ghoster”
  • Boy 8-Bit – “House On The Hill”
  • M.I.A. – “U.R.A.Q.T. (DJ C Mix)”
  • Switch – “What Did She Say (JP Remix)”
  • DJ Flack – “Enemy Beats”
  • DJ C – “Billy Jungle”
  • Beyoncé vs. DJ C – “Work It Out (Crazy)”
  • De La Soul – “Held Down (feat. Cee-Lo)”

Bad Girls Scale it Back – M.I.A. Meets Little Dragon

Bad Girls Scale it Back - M.I.A. Meets Little DragonWhen I heard M.I.A. was performing at the Superbowl halftime show it was almost compelling enough to get me to tune in for that oh-so-overblown of American past-times. I didn’t, partly because I knew if there was anything interesting to see it’d be all over YouTube before you can say YouTube.

Sure enough, the most talked about aspect of the Super Bowl this year — besides Clint Eastwood’s ode to American sticktoitiveness — was M.I.A.’s middle finger. It doesn’t sound very interesting on the surface but if there’s one thing M.I.A.’s really good at, it’s being controversial, and with one tiny little gesture she was able to whirl media spin rooms into a frenzy.

Meanwhile, M.I.A.s new video for her track Bad Girls had already been generating some controversy of its own. Whether it’s for vapid lyrics, or stereotypical Arab imagery, not everyone gives the track or the video a +1. But I tend to agree with this assessment in Albawaba  In Defence of MIA’s ‘Bad Girl’ Arab-Bashing. Here’s an excerpt:

Bad Girls is surely not something new in the pop-world with Madonna and many before singing vacuous lyrics on ‘material’ feisty or just ‘naughty’ girl types. If ‘bad girls’ on this occasion signifies gun-touting or even, in being strewn over, and in, cars, criminal, girls in a country that prohibits them from driving (while filmed in Morocco it is distinctly meant to represent Saudi Arabia), then the video presents a distinct challenge to the stereotype of Arab subjugated women.”

Anyway, I find it to be a compelling piece of pop with an underlying sense of rebellion that invokes the kind of discussion which brings me back to the heyday of Public Enemy. It’s beautifully crafted in a way that truly paints M.I.A. as a bad girl in the eyes of both the east and the west. What’s your take?

The drawback for me was that I couldn’t easily find an instrumental version of the bangin’ beat by Timbaland protege Danja, so I decided to make one through the magic of editing.

M.I.A. Bad Girls (Instrumental) MP3

And while I was at it I whipped up a little mashup featuring another of my favorite female vocalists, Yukimi Nagano from Little Dragon.

DJ C Bad Girls Scale it Back (ft. M.I.A. & Little Dragon) MP3

What’s Up With Dubstep?

A couple of newsy bits flew by the radar today including:

Don’t Believe The Hate: Skrillex Is Already The Next Big Thing…


James Blake is Not Feeling the U.S. Dubstep ‘Frat Boy Market‘”

It’s quite obvious that “Dubstep,” weather it’s the indie-rock version or the metal version, has seeped it’s way into the pop world.

So I was excited to find in my inbox on the very same day, some music that to me represents something closer to a direct descendant of the roots of dubstep:

Max Ulis’ soundtack to Illustrator, Tyler Fewell’s Seven:

Disclaimer: Listen to this on a system with large bass capacity.

Kid Kameleon “Extremely Small and Precise Sounds Part 2” DJ Mix

Kid Kameleon “Extremely Small and Precise Sounds Part 2″ DJ MixBack in ’07 Mashit partnered with Kid Kameleon and the London-based music and culture portal, Spannered to bring you 2 mixes of low-end revelry. Now we’ve decided to ally once again.

Kid K is back with the bass, but this time the treble is tweaked in a most explicit manor. The sounds are “extremely small and precise.” That’s how the Kid describes this breed of esoteric, minimal-dubstep-esque material. Give it a listen and define the genre for yourself:

Kid Kameleon; Extremely Small and Precise Sounds Part 2

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


  1. Arovane; No.8 Amx
  2. Sideshow; If Alone Feat Paul S.Hilaire
  3. El Rakkas; Seas of Disease (LV Remix)
  4. Taal Mala; Plus
  5. Shackleton; (No More) Negative Thoughts
  6. Simple; rO
  7. 2562; Kontrol
  8. LV and Josh Idehen; Face of God
  9. El Rakkas; I and I  
  10. Peverelist Ft. Pinch; Revival
  11. Appleblim; Vansan (Gatekeeper Remix)
  12. Gatekeeper; Blip
  13. Appleblim & Geiom; Shreds
  14. Ramadanman And Appleblim; Justify
  15. Kanye West; Love Lockdown (Flying Lotus Remix)
  16. Burial; Shuttle
  17. Mount Kimbie; Taps

Now go check out Kid Kameleon; Extremely Small and Precise Sounds Part 1 over at Spannered.

And for old time’s sake listen back to the last Kid Kameleon-Mashit-Spannered colab, the Aim High and Aim Low mixs.

Bouncement @ Lava, Friday, October 16

BOUNCEMENT: Bass For Your Waist

An evening of extreme-genre-blends with 5 DJs playing condensed sets of dubstep, lazer-bassline, dancehall, acid-crunk, mashup and tons more for the dance-floor.


Cringer : The Grind King (Dubfront Records, PTS Radio)
Chris Widman (Abstract Science Radio, Dubfix)
Whoa-B (Brüt Force, DubstepFM, Joystyxx Radio)
Jeekoos (Dubfront Records, DubstepFM, PTS Radio)
DJ C (Mashit, Shockout, Ninjatune)

Friday, October 16 | 10pm – 2am @ Lava
1270 N Milwaukee Ave Chicago, IL | 21+, $3

RSVP @ Facebook ->