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Must Be The Beer

I had an interesting experience DJing in Portland, OR last night. It was similar to something I once witnessed at a gig in Ghent, Belgium. The more wild, crazy, hard & heavy I was willing to go with the music, the more the crowd responded and danced.

The opposite is generally the norm in Chicago, Boston, and really most places I’ve played. The more familiar the crowd is with the music, the more they dance. If I go a bit too left-field the dance-floor clears in a hurry. When that’s the case I find myself dropping a track like “Waterfalls” by TLC to get the crowd back on the floor. Last night, after I’d play some classic dancehall or an Eric B & Rakim track, I’d begin to lose ’em and had to play super-esoteric dubstep or breakcore to fill the dance again.

Today I had brunch with my friend Paul AKA Strategy who runs the Community Library record label, and he observed that Portland seems to have a crew of working-class party kids who who are gravitating toward extreme music. The breakcore/dubstep events like the one I played at last night are drawing upwards of 700 enthusiastic, sonic-freaks. This crew is unlike the folks Paul referred to as “hipsters” who represented a gentrification of underground culture and who, at this point, gravitate toward more mainstream sounds.

I’ve witnessed what Paul’s taking about in Chicago too. The hipster club-nights tend to specialize in forms of music that have bubbled to the top; weather it’s electro-house, ’90s revivalist stuff, or ironic mashups. DJs at those nights might be able to drop in a dubstep track for underground cred, but if they were to play more than a couple they’d be in danger of losing the crowd.

Obviously there’s a time and place for mainstream dance-party action, but I wonder why there’s not more place for underground experimentation. I don’t mean nights of specific music like “Stictly acid-crunk all the time!” In my view that’s were genres steer off the cliff. When drum & bass, dubstep, etc solidified into something definable their specialty club-nights became a bore.

With that in mind. Check out Strategy’s “A Rainy Night in Portland” mix for XLR8R ->

I never realized Nu Shooz was from Portland!

Super Street Raver III in Portland

I’m DJing at this party in Portland, OR tonight called Super Street Raver III. If you’re around the area, and feel like a solid dose of bass is in order, then swing on through.


A night filled with

$12 presales (no fee) // ONLY AVAIL UNTIL THURS!!! @
$15 door
$10 w’WA ID

@2410 N.Mississippi. Portland, OR
18+ entry
21+ bar area

the new challengers.

09:00-10:00 Graintable
10:00-11:00 Splatinum
11:00-11:45 Pipedreamcore
11:45-12:30 Squideye
12:30-01:30 DJ C
01:30-02:15 Rico Prediate
02:15-03:15 Ryze+Fall
03:15-04:15 kilowatts
04:15-05:00 aligning minds

09:00-10:00 Deelo G
10:00-11:00 Fukumup/GnarGnarkillkill tag set
11:00-11:45 Bllix
11:45-12:45 Rokhausen
12:45-01:45 Foxdye
01:45-02:45 Endykryn
02:45-03:30 the Great Mundane
03:30-04:15 Prophetnoise
04:15-05:00 Shrubbery

It’s 2010; Time for Bass!

I’m playing at Smartbar here in Chicago tomorrow. It’s gotta be just about the best sound-system in the city to hear massive dubstep bass on, so you just might need to swing by and shake a leg if you’re anywhere in the greater Mid-West area.

Thursday 14 January 2010
Abstract Science and Dubfix present

TES LA ROK  [Dub Police, Argon, Noppa, Helsinki, Finland] –

DJ C  [Ninjatune, Soul Jazz, Mashit] – http://dj-c.com

PAH JE  [Dedication, Unitovone, St. Louis] –

Smartbar – 3730 N. Clark, Chicago
10p-4am | $8/$5 before 11pm w/txt | 21+ | | |

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Party Like It’s 19-Naughty-9

I’m headed to a New Years Eve party in Brooklyn tonight and was asked if I had a danceable version of “Auld Lang Syne” to drop at midnigt. I didn’t. Instead I made this medly of some memorable pop hits from the last decade, kicked off by a classic, Glen Miller version of “Auld.” Enjoy, and happy new year!

MP3 Download (68 Tracks in 55 Mins):
DJ C; Party Like It’s 19-Naughty-9 –>

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  1. Glen Miller; Auld Lang Syne
  2. Britney Spears; Toxic
  3. Chingy, Ludacris, & Snoop; Holiday Inn
  4. Tweet; Oops (Oh My)
  5. Beyonce; Diva
  6. Radiohead; No Suprises
  7. Jay-Z; Dirt Off Shoulders
  8. Baby Cham; Ghetto Story
  9. Outcast; So Fresh So Clean
  10. 50 Cent; PIMP (Bombist, Post&Bim Rmx)
  11. Jay-Z; Run This Town (ft. Rihanna)
  12. Shaggy; Angel
  13. Timbaland & Magoo; Indian Flute
  14. Rihanna; Umbrella ft. Jay-Z
  15. Red Hot Chilli Peppers; Scar Tissue
  16. Blu Cantrell; Hit “Em Up Style (Oops!)
  17. Destiny’s Child; Jumpin’, Jumpin’
  18. Eve; Let Me Blow Your Mind
  19. Fabolous; Can’t Deny It
  20. Fat Joe & Terror Squad; Lean Back
  21. Jay-Z & Beyonce; Me and My Girlfriend
  22. P Diddy; Bad Boys For Life
  23. Snoop Dogg; Drop It Like It’s Hot
  24. Shaggy ft. RikRok; Wansn’t Me (Soundwasta’s Let It Be Me Mix)
  25. 50 Cent; In Da Club
  26. 50 Cent; I Get Money
  27. Brandy; What About Us
  28. J-Kwon; Tipsy
  29. Kanye West; Golddigger
  30. Tiger Ranks; Party With Me
  31. Lil’ Mama; Lip Gloss
  32. Beyonce; Single Ladies
  33. M.I.A; Galang (Diplo Remix ft. Lil Vicious)
  34. Busta Rhymes; Pass the Courvoisier (Ft. Pherell)
  35. Mark Ronson; Just Ft. Alex Greenwald (Radiohead)
  36. Rihanna; Pon Da Replay
  37. 50 Cent; Candy Shop (Instrumental)
  38. Cham & Beyonce; Crazy In Love Remix
  39. M.I.A.; Pull Up The People (Carrasco! Amerie Remix)
  40. Jay-Z; I Just Wanna Love You (Give It To Me)
  41. Remy Ma; Conceited (Instrumental)
  42. Snoop Dogg; Beautiful (Ft. Pharell)
  43. Busta Rhymes; Touch It (DJ Tameil Mix)
  44. Missy Elliott; Work It
  45. 112; Peaches and Cream
  46. Lady Sovereign; Random (A Brucker & Sinden Mix)
  47. Kelis; Trick Me Twice (Heatwave Remix ft. TOK)
  48. Gwen Stefani; Hollaback Girl
  49. Gnarles Barkley; Crazy
  50. Gorillaz; Dare
  51. Justin Timberlake; Sexy Back
  52. Gwen Stefani; Wind It Up
  53. Missy Elliott; Gossip Folks
  54. The White Stripes; Seven Nation Army
  55. Enur Ft. Natasja; Calabria
  56. Gorillaz; Clint Eastwood (2-Step Mix)
  57. Sean Kingston; Beautiful Girls (Suicidal)
  58. Ludacris; Roll Out
  59. Dr. Dre; Forgot About Dre (Ft. Eminem)
  60. Jay-Z; Big Pimpin
  61. Usher; Love In This Club
  62. Chamillionaire; Ridin’
  63. Amy Winehouse; Rehab
  64. Rick Ross; Every Day I’m Hustling
  65. Lil Wayne; A Milli (Hollertronix Remix)
  66. Hurricane Chris; A Bay Bay
  67. Damien Marley; Welcome to Jamrock
  68. Outkast; Hey Ya

Bouncement @ Lava, Friday June 26

Mashit Presents BOUNCEMENT Bass For Your Waist

Album Release Party for David Last vs. MC Zulu “Musically Massive

a night of dubstep, lazer-bassline, glitch-hop, raggaclash, tropical, acid-crunk, mashup and more with:

David Last (New York, NY, Staubgold, theAgriculture)
MC Zulu (Staubgold, Mashit, Ninjatune)
Chris Widman (Abstract Science, WLUW, 88.7 FM)
DJ C (Mashit, XL, Soul Jazz, Modular)

Friday, June 26 | 10pm – 2am @ Lava
1270 N Milwaukee Ave Chicago, IL | 21+, $6

Praise for “Musically Massive”:

Well, well, well, this definitely takes the cake for being my favorite record of 2009
Big Up Magazine

Bouncement @ Lava, Friday, May 15

Mashit Presents

BOUNCEMENT Bass For Your Waist

a night of dubstep, lazer-bassline, glitch-hop, raggaclash, tropical, acid-crunk, mashup and more with:

Kingdom (Brooklyn, Club Vortex, Lower End Spasm)
Whoa-B (Brut Force, Sixpoint, Dented)
MC Zulu (Staubgold, Mashit, Ninjatune)
DJ C (Mashit, XL, Soul Jazz, Modular)

Friday, May 15 | 10pm – 2am @ Lava
1270 N Milwaukee Ave Chicago, IL | 21+, $7

Check out this mix for Lower End Spasm and some tracks on RCRDLBL by our very special guest, Kingdom; wildly mashed-up sounds emanating from deep in the heart of Brooklyn, NY.

And here’s a video mini-mix by Whoa-B:

100 days, 100 songs, 100 locations, 100 dances, + Other SXSW Discoveries

SXSW 09I’ve spent the past few days traversing the wilds of the SXSW Interactive conference. In the process my brain’s been filling up with way too much information.

Yesterday’s keynote conversation between Graffiti Research LabsJames Powderly and the New York Times’ Virginia Heffernan was a highlight which imparted tidbits of wisdom from Powderly like:

Technology, as it approaches, becomes a level of magic.

Transgression only works if there are only a few transgressors.

And that he only calles himself an “artist” when dealing with the cops. Otherwise he’s a “prankster.”

This morning I went to a panel called “New Threats to New Media: Fair Use On Trial” Durring which the following video was shown for us to ponder and discuss:

BOOMBOX: 100 days, 100 songs, 100 locations, 100 dances

Hilarious! This had the whole room laughing, which made it difficult for panelist Ben Sheffner (Special Counsel at John McCain 2008) to defend his side of the argument (this is not fair use of music). Actually, Sheffner even seemed to agree that the music in this video is protected as parody under fair use because it made everyone laugh.

This got everyone talking about issues around getting artists some of the revenue that’s being generated by ads and ISPs. How ’bout some cash for Ely Kim, the artist behind this video, in addition to Blondie, MIA and the other artists involved. Food for thought as I sit here listening to Wired editor Chris Anderson (The Long Tail) speak about why free ($0.00) is the future of business.

But I really just wanted to share that video with you ’cause it’s so awesome!

Baile Frik

The Frikstailers are a Cordoba Argentina based electronic music duo. 1/2 of the team, DJ Rafa Caivan, came through Chicago last year with the Zizek Records tour and I had the pleasure of spending a day showing him ’round the Chi.

They’ve got a new record out which features Mashit’s own MC Zulu on a couple of tracks, including a remix of “Ransom the Senator.” Here’s a teaser for ya:

Frikstailers “Baile Frick (Original Mix)” ->

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

And here’s what the label has to say:

Revolt Into Style is a new UK based label with an international outlook. Our aim is to release quality music
across genre and style, releasing work by the freshest producers and bands from Argentina’s electronica scene and new talent from Europe. Our working relationship with Latin American label Pino Rec is the foundation on which the business is built. We plan initially to focus attention on the talented producers and artists on the Pino Rec roster, and ultimately to nurture creative collaborations between European and Latin American artists.

On our debut release, the ‘Baile Frik EP’ the Frikstailers come very correct with the title track, a breakbeat baile funk bomb, before remixing Chicago’s MC Zulu to stunning effect; Truthfully is a reggaeton-cumbia-hip hop hybrid, while Ransom The Senator is a glitchy dancehall banger. Also present is an electro booty remix from Peter Digital Orchestra (who releases twisted bleeding-edge hip hop under his Fulgeance moniker.)

Baile Frik EP vinyl is available at Juno Records (