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Bad Girls Scale it Back – M.I.A. Meets Little Dragon

Bad Girls Scale it Back - M.I.A. Meets Little DragonWhen I heard M.I.A. was performing at the Superbowl halftime show it was almost compelling enough to get me to tune in for that oh-so-overblown of American past-times. I didn’t, partly because I knew if there was anything interesting to see it’d be all over YouTube before you can say YouTube.

Sure enough, the most talked about aspect of the Super Bowl this year — besides Clint Eastwood’s ode to American sticktoitiveness — was M.I.A.’s middle finger. It doesn’t sound very interesting on the surface but if there’s one thing M.I.A.’s really good at, it’s being controversial, and with one tiny little gesture she was able to whirl media spin rooms into a frenzy.

Meanwhile, M.I.A.s new video for her track Bad Girls had already been generating some controversy of its own. Whether it’s for vapid lyrics, or stereotypical Arab imagery, not everyone gives the track or the video a +1. But I tend to agree with this assessment in Albawaba  In Defence of MIA’s ‘Bad Girl’ Arab-Bashing. Here’s an excerpt:

Bad Girls is surely not something new in the pop-world with Madonna and many before singing vacuous lyrics on ‘material’ feisty or just ‘naughty’ girl types. If ‘bad girls’ on this occasion signifies gun-touting or even, in being strewn over, and in, cars, criminal, girls in a country that prohibits them from driving (while filmed in Morocco it is distinctly meant to represent Saudi Arabia), then the video presents a distinct challenge to the stereotype of Arab subjugated women.”

Anyway, I find it to be a compelling piece of pop with an underlying sense of rebellion that invokes the kind of discussion which brings me back to the heyday of Public Enemy. It’s beautifully crafted in a way that truly paints M.I.A. as a bad girl in the eyes of both the east and the west. What’s your take?

The drawback for me was that I couldn’t easily find an instrumental version of the bangin’ beat by Timbaland protege Danja, so I decided to make one through the magic of editing.

M.I.A. Bad Girls (Instrumental) MP3

And while I was at it I whipped up a little mashup featuring another of my favorite female vocalists, Yukimi Nagano from Little Dragon.

DJ C Bad Girls Scale it Back (ft. M.I.A. & Little Dragon) MP3

100 days, 100 songs, 100 locations, 100 dances, + Other SXSW Discoveries

SXSW 09I’ve spent the past few days traversing the wilds of the SXSW Interactive conference. In the process my brain’s been filling up with way too much information.

Yesterday’s keynote conversation between Graffiti Research LabsJames Powderly and the New York Times’ Virginia Heffernan was a highlight which imparted tidbits of wisdom from Powderly like:

Technology, as it approaches, becomes a level of magic.

Transgression only works if there are only a few transgressors.

And that he only calles himself an “artist” when dealing with the cops. Otherwise he’s a “prankster.”

This morning I went to a panel called “New Threats to New Media: Fair Use On Trial” Durring which the following video was shown for us to ponder and discuss:

BOOMBOX: 100 days, 100 songs, 100 locations, 100 dances

Hilarious! This had the whole room laughing, which made it difficult for panelist Ben Sheffner (Special Counsel at John McCain 2008) to defend his side of the argument (this is not fair use of music). Actually, Sheffner even seemed to agree that the music in this video is protected as parody under fair use because it made everyone laugh.

This got everyone talking about issues around getting artists some of the revenue that’s being generated by ads and ISPs. How ’bout some cash for Ely Kim, the artist behind this video, in addition to Blondie, MIA and the other artists involved. Food for thought as I sit here listening to Wired editor Chris Anderson (The Long Tail) speak about why free ($0.00) is the future of business.

But I really just wanted to share that video with you ’cause it’s so awesome!

Farewell, ’08. I’ll Miss Your Music

Well, here we are in 2009. The turn of the century is almost over. The Oh-Ohs have been too NAUGHTy. It’s time for change; Lets get some ones in our two thousands!

But that’s for next year. Right now I’d like to take a look back at last year. I was asked by the 88 Music Blog to submit one of those top 10 lists that everyone seems to do around the new year, and here’s what I cam up with:

DJ C’s Top 10 Tracks Most Dropped in a 2008 DJ Set
(in no particular order, with links to buy or find out more)

Speaking of DJ Elected (mentioned in the list above), he’s got a couple awesome new mashups out. Here’s one:

Modeselektor Vs. The Fugees “Ready or da Macca” ->

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

You can get the other one — Strategy Vs. Beyonce & Sean Paul “Strategy Bwoy” — at Elected’s Sirkus Recordings site ->

Notice a theme? That’s right, they’re both instrumentals from the Shockout catalog:

Sirkus Recordings Presents Shockout Mashups

Sirkus mashed up two favorite Shockout Beats and put some
easy lyrics on them. Dancefloor ready uhban digestive.

Happy new year folks. Here’s looking toward the teens!

Taste, Wot Iz It?

Billy Joel Glass Houses Album CoverI’ve had many conversations with friends about what we call “yeahrhh rock.” You know, the stuff that was sparked by the love-child of Eddie Vedder‘s and James Hetfield‘s vocal stylings?

I was reminded of these conversations after reading a hilarious article in Wired magazine about the music website Pandora. The question is weather Pandora can actually help someone with their bad taste. Here’s an exhertp:

I was 10 when I realized I had lousy taste in music. Billy Joel’s “An Innocent Man” was my gateway drug: I listened to it on infinite loop, in perfect contentment, for days. Later, in high school, I began huffing a deadly theater-nerd mix of piano-driven rock balladry, pseudo-political folk-pop, Danny Elfman soundtracks, and Enigma. College, the place where most people atone for the sonic sins of their youth, was a haze of Ben Folds Five and Dave Matthews Band. And things haven’t really improved since. Bad taste was less of a problem when our playlists were private affairs. Today, however, our personal soundtracks broadcast who we are, and it’s simply not acceptable to swan around with the Indigo Girls’ “Galileo,” Annie Lennox’s “Walking on Broken Glass,” or (God help me!) Billy Joel’s “Big Man on Mulberry Street” blazing across your iPhone screen. (One is ironic, two is quixotic, but try all three and you can hear the NSA giggling on the other end of the line.)

Read on ->

Speaking of Annie Lennox’s “Walking on Broken Glass,” Have you heard Math Head‘s re-interpretation?

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Download: Math Head “Broken Glass” (Zshare) ->

DJ C “Mas Hits” Album (Free Download)

Over the past year DJ C has produced and released a whole slew of mashups and remixes, many of which have been available as part of our Free Tunes series. For this release we present those mashups all together as a free download album entitled “Mas Hits.”

“Album of the year”
– Boom Blokk:
Bonn, Germany

You can preview and download all the tracks below, or download the full album .zip file and you’ll also get a few secret, extra-special bonus tracks. If you missed the teaser mini-mix (leaked by Time Out Chicago), and music video check them out – >

Free MP3 Album Download (.zip file)

DJ C “Mas Hits” (16 track free album)

Massive mashups and ridiculous remixes

Download Now ->

Preview and Download Individual Tracks

DJ C (Ft. Chris Isaak, The Supremes, Switch, & Stereotyp); Set Me Free From This Wicked Game ->

More Info ->

DJ C ft. A1 Bassline, R. Kelly, T.I. & T-Pain; Somebody’s a Flirt ->

More Info ->

DJ C & The Heatwave ft. Britney Spears; Perogatives Change ->

More Info ->

DJ C (Ft. Lexie Lee, Fugees); Lexie La ->

More Info ->

DJ C (Ft. Ghislain Poirier, Face T, & T.I.); Blazin’ Hurts ->

More Info ->

DJ C; Since You’ve Been In This Club (Dub Mix) ->

More Info ->

Big Whoop! (DJ C, Ripley, Kid Kameleon, & Tones); Ooh Wadda Doo Dadda (Big Whoop Mix ft. Timbaland, Magoo. & Sebast) ->

More Info ->

DJ C (Ft. The Jackson 5, Steven Marley, Naughty By Nature) The ABC Traffic Jam (Armed With Harmony) ->

More Info ->

Apple Juce Kid ft. Van Halen & The Supremes;
Jumpfast (DJ C Refix) ->

More Info ->

DJ C & The Heatwave ft. Rye Rye; Shake Change ->

More Info ->

Fuck Fuck Fuck (DJ C Mix) ->

More Info ->

DJ C (Ft. E-40 & Shabba Ranks); Ghost Woman – >

More Info ->

DJ C; Since You’ve Been In This Club (Kelly Clarkson Vocal Mix) ->

More Info ->

DJ C “Mas Hits”

MP3 Download
DJ C “Mas Hit” Mini-Mix ->

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

DJ C Mas Hits Album Cover

Update: The “Mas Hits” album is out now. 16 tracks of massive mashups and ridiculous remixes ->

It’s been just about a year since we re-launched as a blog, online shop, podcast, and all around place for fiends. Over that year Mashit boss DJ C has produced and released a whole slew of bastard-pop-style mashups and remixes, many of which have been available as part of our Free Tunes series.

Now we’ve decided to release those mashups all together as a free download album, along with a few secret bonus tracks. The album, entitled “Mas Hits”, is out now. This is the teaser, in the form of a mini-mix (leaked here by Time Out Chicago), and music video.

DJ C “Mas Hits” Mini-Mix (’80s Cartoon Music Video Version)

Meanwhile, If this post over at Mad Decent is any indication, DJ mini-mixes are hot right now. Check the Bang Gang DJ’s mini-teaser for their upcoming mix album on Modular which features the DJ C and MC Jorge Stylo track “Juce”; forthcoming on Man Recordings.

The Bang Gang Deejays “D is for Disco, E is for Dancing!” Minimegamatronicmix
Download here ->

DJ C “Mas Hits” Mini-Mix Tracklist: Continue reading

Hurricane Cake

McCain and Bush eat Cake durring Katrina3 years and 3 days ago John McCain and George W. Bush ate cake to celebrate McCain’s 69th birthday. At that very moment hurricane Katrina was bringing devastation to the gulf coast.

Now it’s election season, and almost exactly 3 years later the Republican National Convention was due to McCain and Bush eat Cake durring Katrinabegin today, but another monster hurricane has disrupted the plan. I hope that Gustav is a more benevolent beast then Katrina was, but this new storm does bring a silver lining. It reminds us of Katrina and the way she was handled. Gustav shines a light once again on the Bush administration’s horrible bungling of the disaster. Not only before, during, and immediately after the event, but the continuing botches that have left FEMA-trailer-park McCain and Bush eat Cake durring Katrinarefugee camps spread across the region to this day. And now those camps themselves have been evacuated as Gustav begins to bear down on the coast.

Coincidently my friend, filmmaker Lucia Small, was here in Chicago this weekend for the debut theatrical run of her new documentary “The Axe in the Attic“, a film about Katrina.

Continue reading

R.I.P. K-Swift

K-Swift R.I.P.I’m getting ready to head out to Baltimore tomorrow for a visit with my man Gregzinho (of Beat Diaspora fame) before my gig in Silver Spring, MD on Friday night. I normally couldn’t be around B’more without ruminating on that city’s club music which has been such an influence.

Now I won’t be able to be there without thinking of B’more’s club queen, DJ K-Swift. She died Monday after a swimming pool accident and the Baltimore club scene is reeling. She’s been a mainstay in the the scene since the early days, and for the past 10 years had been spreading the B’more gospel as a high profile radio personality on Baltimore’s Q92 station.

As a female DJ, K-Swift was rare in the male-dominated scene she loved. She took club music’s raw and raunchy attitude by the horns and worked it. In honor of her life, I’ve made this little remix using an acapella from one her Club Queen albums. Club on, queen!

MP3 Download:
DJ C; This My Juce (ft. K-Swift) ->

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

K Swift CD Promo Video:
The Jump Off Vol. 10 – Baltimore Club