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What’s Up With Dubstep?

A couple of newsy bits flew by the radar today including:

Don’t Believe The Hate: Skrillex Is Already The Next Big Thing…


James Blake is Not Feeling the U.S. Dubstep ‘Frat Boy Market‘”

It’s quite obvious that “Dubstep,” weather it’s the indie-rock version or the metal version, has seeped it’s way into the pop world.

So I was excited to find in my inbox on the very same day, some music that to me represents something closer to a direct descendant of the roots of dubstep:

Max Ulis’ soundtack to Illustrator, Tyler Fewell’s Seven:

Disclaimer: Listen to this on a system with large bass capacity.

100 days, 100 songs, 100 locations, 100 dances, + Other SXSW Discoveries

SXSW 09I’ve spent the past few days traversing the wilds of the SXSW Interactive conference. In the process my brain’s been filling up with way too much information.

Yesterday’s keynote conversation between Graffiti Research LabsJames Powderly and the New York Times’ Virginia Heffernan was a highlight which imparted tidbits of wisdom from Powderly like:

Technology, as it approaches, becomes a level of magic.

Transgression only works if there are only a few transgressors.

And that he only calles himself an “artist” when dealing with the cops. Otherwise he’s a “prankster.”

This morning I went to a panel called “New Threats to New Media: Fair Use On Trial” Durring which the following video was shown for us to ponder and discuss:

BOOMBOX: 100 days, 100 songs, 100 locations, 100 dances

Hilarious! This had the whole room laughing, which made it difficult for panelist Ben Sheffner (Special Counsel at John McCain 2008) to defend his side of the argument (this is not fair use of music). Actually, Sheffner even seemed to agree that the music in this video is protected as parody under fair use because it made everyone laugh.

This got everyone talking about issues around getting artists some of the revenue that’s being generated by ads and ISPs. How ’bout some cash for Ely Kim, the artist behind this video, in addition to Blondie, MIA and the other artists involved. Food for thought as I sit here listening to Wired editor Chris Anderson (The Long Tail) speak about why free ($0.00) is the future of business.

But I really just wanted to share that video with you ’cause it’s so awesome!

Get to the Truth

Remeber that dude Zebbler who came to international attention for getting arrested during the Boston Mooninite “Bomb” scare? Curious what he’s been up to? He sent over this kind of amazing music video recently. The music is like epoch-jungle-trance and the video has naked people! It’s really well put together and pushes some boundries:

Zebbler Encanti Experience “Get to the Truth” Video:

Get To The Truth was created by Zebbler Encanti Experience, a Boston-based audio-visual immersive performance duo. We are generally known to use heavy a/v effects in our performances, which makes this piece remarkably restrained. Get To The Truth instead uses human body and nature as its central focus. The video itself reflects on the magnetic effects of human culture/flesh to our individual psyche and the perennial attempt to reach beyond the box we are confined to.

It was shot in various spots in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, with the final mountain shot taking place on the morning of the US presidential election (Nov 4th, 2008).

Warehouse Party in Chicago Saturday

Lego Rave PartyZulu and I are takin’ over the sound-system at this mega-warehouse party on Saturday. We’ll be performing from 11pm to midnight and there’s tons more on the agenda too, including sets by NYC’s Subswara crew, Searchl1te, Jeekoos, RadioHiro, DJ Warp, and many more.

It all takes place in 3 large spaces, each with it’s own Funktion One sound-system, in addition to a wide range of live video, installations, performances, and other art/sculpture/media.

More info ->

Watch MashitTube, Buy MashitMerch

In our ongoing quest to expand our media empire we’ve updated our Video page to include channels like Baltimore, Classic Jungle, Creative Commons, Dubstep, Juke, Mashup, Psychedelic, and more. You can now waste hours channel-surfing MashitTube rather than those other, less interesting media outlets.

In further celebration of Jungle’s 15th birthday, Here’s the Classic Jungle channel. Check out the 2 part documentary on early jungle called A London Something.


Mashit MerchandiseWe’d also like to point you to the MashitMerch shop. If you need a sweatshirt, a thong, a wall clock, or a lunch box, and at the same time would like to help support Mashit ClockMashit’s brand of super-sonic sound, extreme genre-blends, downloadable dubplates, and bounce-mixology, you’ve found just the place to feed two birds with one scone ->

Year-End Look-Back

XLR8R Dec 07 CoverXLR8R magazine asked me to contribute to their annual Best Of poll this year and some of my comments are published in this month’s issue. I thought I’d share them — plus a bunch of the ones that didn’t make the cut — with y’all here:

Best Artist
South Rakkas Crew

I’ve been digin’ these guys dancehall productions for a minute but their “Mix Up” release on Mad Decent is completely untethered.

Best Album
Durrty Goodz; Axiom EP

Durrty is one of the most dynamic and talented rappers in the grime game, and many of the beats on this EP are stellar too.

Best Single/12″
Dude N Nem; Watch My Feet

The emerging juke sound has quite a few bangers bubbling up around Chicago, but this one is a true piece of pop-genius. It’s got the classic half-time/double-time, hip-hop/ghetto-house combination, and really fun party lyrics.

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Magda Boreysza!

Now here’s an up-and-coming visual artist of whom I am incredibly fond. Her name is Magda Boreysza, she lives/works in Scotland (although she’s originally from Poland), and I just adore her stuff. ADORE!

She’s the one who did the really slick Cuddling Lion of Judah images for the Murderbot digital release (if you haven’t bought it yet, what’s the hold-up?), and a lot of people have been asking me about the art so I figured I’d give her some blog time. In addition to smaller illustrations she does murals and puppetry. She’s currently in the process of tying up the loose edges on her website, More links and another bit of art after the break:

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Jeremy Fish Serato Controllers!

Just copped these guys today: super-limited Serato Scratch picture disc controllers designed by San Fran-based illustration superstar (and Aesop Rock collaborator) Jeremy Fish. Apparently limited to 500 2×12″ sets (retailing at $50), they were up on Turntable Lab for a super-short while until Rane caught wind of it and made a big stink. Everything is the same as a regular Serato record, except they’re puuurdy.

Renegade Craft Fair this weekend in Chicago!

First off, my apologies to everybody for being out of commission for so damn long on this blog. School / work / music / running a record label / making holiday plans have had quite the effect on my blog volume over the past month, but soon I’ll be back to my old, prolific self!

So…for my first entry of the post-finals season, I figured I’d alert all the Chicago heads to an arts event going down this weekend: the Renegade Craft Fair Holiday Sale! It’s basically a big grouping of fantastic local artists & crafty-types offering goods ranging from super-hip avant-garde art pieces to good ol’ fashioned mittens and such. It’s a great way to get some seriously unique xxx-mas shopping done, and best of all, I’m Playing! Come catch your close personal friend Chrissy Murderbot on the decks from 4-6pm, Saturday.

Renegade Craft Fair Holiday Sale:
December 8/9, noon-8pm
Pulaski Park Fieldhouse, 1419 W Blackhawk (near Division & Ashland)