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Rock Star VJs

Zombie, Robotkid, and RNDM at Beat Research Halloween ‘07Oh, Boston! It was good to see you.

I started out last week’s journey to my old stomping grounds, partying with my peeps at the Beat Research halloween party where Flack, Wayne, and DJ RNDM threw down hard. RNDM did a VJ set using the Ms. Pinky vinyl DJ system to do live music-video mashups. If you’re having any trouble visualizing what I mean, you’re in luck. Robotkid was in the house documenting the festivities (Flickr pics), and now RNDM’s entire set is immortalized:

RNDM and Robotkid also happen to work at Harmonix, the company that designed the popular Guitar Hero video game, and is about to unleash its latest creation, Rock Band. Robotkid was kind enough to invite me over to Harmonix headquarters so I could get a sneak-preview of the game before it’s released on Txgving day. And man, was it fun! I’m really not much of a gamer, and have never played Guitar Hero but I’ve heard a lot of hype so I was excited to see what this is all about.

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Here’s a video my KC homie Cody Critcheloe (of Ssion fame) made for a tune he & I have been working on. Expect the new Ssion album, Fool’s Gold, and the Critcheloe / Murderbot collab LP sometime in 2008…

Totally Paper Rad Dood!

Paper Rad - Trash Talking DVDBen Jones was my roommate. I’m proud to say that ’cause I’m a huge fan of his work. Back when we were at MassArt together he would show his Alfe videos inter-spliced with bits of lo-fi, computer generated psychedelia. There was always something mind-blowing, disturbing, and hilarious about his stuff.

We collaborated on the Toneburst parties a bit but not as much as I would have liked. He was usually busy performing with his various bands, making psychedelic videos, and drawing comics. I remember him working with Fort Thunder peeps like Brian Chippendale of Lightning Bolt, on large-scale-comics-collabs that were just insane, and he had his own comic-collab; Paper Rad.

Paper Rad’sXLR8R coverI was happy to see an article about Paper Rad in The Fader magazine a while back, and more recently the cover they did for XLR8R magazine. I’ve now started noticing their work popping up in places other than magazines, like t-shirts with their work in an underground fashion store here in Chicago.

The other day I was at the opening party for a show at the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art called Sympathy for the Devil: Art and Rock and Roll Since 1967. Interestingly, there was a wall panel in the show that mentioned Fort Thunder and the influence of the artists and bands who emerged from that scene, then in the museum store I found Paper Rad’s, Trash Talking DVD and just had to buy it. Man, it is worth all $17. Shit is just crazy! It’s full of the classic mind-melting montages and hilarity that I loved back in the day, but updated and more advanced while still managing to come off super-digi-lo-fi.

Guess I’ve been pretty out of the loop. Now I’ve discovered their Wikipedia entry I see they’ve been making videos for the likes of Beck and the Gossip under the Wild-File moniker.

If you’re into a combined sense of unease and pleasure with your art I highly recommend checking out their work.

Boston, Art is not Terror

Star Simpson Media BarrageWow! I can’t believe this is happening again. Another artist/student has been arrested in Boston. This time just for wearing a piece of circuit-board-art she made.

While it was probably not the best idea to walk into Logan airport with the circuit board mounted to her chest, it’s also sad that we live in a society that’s so up it’s own ass and frightened, that kids can’t be kids. Bummer!

Do a search for this story at Google and almost every headline contains the words “fake bomb.” After reading a few of the articles I’ve come to the conclusion that it wasn’t a fake bomb but a piece of wearable-art. Apparently the journalists haven’t drawn the same conclusion. Guess it wouldn’t sell news if the headline was “M.I.T. Student Arrested at Gunpoint for Wearable-Art.” “Fake Bomb” stirs more emotion.

An article at the M.I.T. newspaper’s website is the only one that I found with a proper headline.

Well, Star Simpson will be put through the mill now, but if our friend Peter Berdovski’s experience post-Moonibomber scare is any indication, she may also become an underground super-star.

Update: Great article at Boingboing