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Bouncement @ Lava, Friday, May 15

Mashit Presents

BOUNCEMENT Bass For Your Waist

a night of dubstep, lazer-bassline, glitch-hop, raggaclash, tropical, acid-crunk, mashup and more with:

Kingdom (Brooklyn, Club Vortex, Lower End Spasm)
Whoa-B (Brut Force, Sixpoint, Dented)
MC Zulu (Staubgold, Mashit, Ninjatune)
DJ C (Mashit, XL, Soul Jazz, Modular)

Friday, May 15 | 10pm – 2am @ Lava
1270 N Milwaukee Ave Chicago, IL | 21+, $7

Check out this mix for Lower End Spasm and some tracks on RCRDLBL by our very special guest, Kingdom; wildly mashed-up sounds emanating from deep in the heart of Brooklyn, NY.

And here’s a video mini-mix by Whoa-B:

100 days, 100 songs, 100 locations, 100 dances, + Other SXSW Discoveries

SXSW 09I’ve spent the past few days traversing the wilds of the SXSW Interactive conference. In the process my brain’s been filling up with way too much information.

Yesterday’s keynote conversation between Graffiti Research LabsJames Powderly and the New York Times’ Virginia Heffernan was a highlight which imparted tidbits of wisdom from Powderly like:

Technology, as it approaches, becomes a level of magic.

Transgression only works if there are only a few transgressors.

And that he only calles himself an “artist” when dealing with the cops. Otherwise he’s a “prankster.”

This morning I went to a panel called “New Threats to New Media: Fair Use On Trial” Durring which the following video was shown for us to ponder and discuss:

BOOMBOX: 100 days, 100 songs, 100 locations, 100 dances

Hilarious! This had the whole room laughing, which made it difficult for panelist Ben Sheffner (Special Counsel at John McCain 2008) to defend his side of the argument (this is not fair use of music). Actually, Sheffner even seemed to agree that the music in this video is protected as parody under fair use because it made everyone laugh.

This got everyone talking about issues around getting artists some of the revenue that’s being generated by ads and ISPs. How ’bout some cash for Ely Kim, the artist behind this video, in addition to Blondie, MIA and the other artists involved. Food for thought as I sit here listening to Wired editor Chris Anderson (The Long Tail) speak about why free ($0.00) is the future of business.

But I really just wanted to share that video with you ’cause it’s so awesome!

Get to the Truth

Remeber that dude Zebbler who came to international attention for getting arrested during the Boston Mooninite “Bomb” scare? Curious what he’s been up to? He sent over this kind of amazing music video recently. The music is like epoch-jungle-trance and the video has naked people! It’s really well put together and pushes some boundries:

Zebbler Encanti Experience “Get to the Truth” Video:

Get To The Truth was created by Zebbler Encanti Experience, a Boston-based audio-visual immersive performance duo. We are generally known to use heavy a/v effects in our performances, which makes this piece remarkably restrained. Get To The Truth instead uses human body and nature as its central focus. The video itself reflects on the magnetic effects of human culture/flesh to our individual psyche and the perennial attempt to reach beyond the box we are confined to.

It was shot in various spots in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, with the final mountain shot taking place on the morning of the US presidential election (Nov 4th, 2008).

BOUNCEMENT: Starkey, MC Zulu, DJ C, Timid @ Lava

Aight, folks! Starkey‘s comin’ in to make his Chicago debut on Friday and we thought you might like a taste of what to expect at this sure-to-be-blazin’ party.

Video: Starkey Live Mix on Mary Anne Hobbs’ BBC Radio 1 “Generation Bass”:

cranking out a steady stream of his own remixes, bootlegs, and 12″ tracks. This past year saw the release of his full-length debut Ephemeral Exhibits (Planet Mu), as well as the appearance of [Starkey’s] more club-bumpin’ tracks under his Moves!!! alias… [He] tops the roster at Lava on Friday, taking the headlining slot for what marks his Chicago debut. The opening sets belong to Timid and DJ C — the latter of whom will be performing with Chicago dancehall mic-masher MC Zulu.

– Graham Sanford; Gapers Block – 

Here are some free MP3s by Starkey plus Bouncemnt party-mates DJ-C & MC Zulu to wet your wistle:

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Reggae Dancehall Sendups

It was bound to happen eventually. Dancehall’s been so good and so hip for so long, but it also tends to take itself so seriously. Well folks, the comedy world it pushing back:

“Ras Trent” from SNL:

“She’s So Hot – Boom” from Flight of the Conchords:

Is dancehall the new yacht rock?

Perhaps a more important question; what is this?

“America We Stand As One” Music Video by Dennis Madalone

Creative Commons

Creative Commons Remix IconThis video’s a little cheezy but it’s also a nice primer about how Creative Commons works. CC is a Copyright alternative that allows for remixing and sharing of media, which we here at Mashit think is of utmost importance.

All content on the Mashit site is licensed under a  Creative Commons Attribution, Noncommercial, Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.

Video: “A Shared Culture”

Some of you might find of interest. It’s a website where you can upload and download samples, accapellas, remixes, and collaborate on projects. Like’s audio site, it’s a great place to get open-source samples for productions you’re working on.

These projects are a big step in the right direction, but they don’t solve the problem that most of pop culture has not yet opened up to open-source and commons ideas. Digital media and the internet have unleashed a “torrent” of remix and collage culture, and creativity is running wild in the best way, but a large portion of the output is technically illegal. In the immortal words of Peter Tosh, “You’ve got to legalize it.”

At least the issue is on the mind of one VIP. Barack Obama recently wrote a letter to DNC Chairman Howard Dean requesting that all presidential debates be made public domain under a CC license. There is hope!

BOUNCEMENT w. Maga Bo, MC Zulu, DJ C, & Joe Bryl, Sept. 21 in Chicago

Bouncement w. Maga Bo AnimationMashit, Braziliance,
and Chicago World Music Festival Present

Bass For Your Waist!

An evening of global ghetto-tech, lazer-bass, and genre-blends with:

  • MAGA BO (Soot Records, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
  • DJ C (Mashit)
  • MC ZULU (Mashit)
  • JOE BRYL (Brazilliance)

Chicago Public Radio’s Tony Sarabia calls Maga Bo a favorite of this year’s festival. You can listen to the show on their website (listen around 24 min. in).

Sunday, September 21, 9 pm
1444 W. Chicago Ave., Chicago
Admission: $10

More from Chicago World Music Fest. ->

Music Video: Maga Bo “Fire (feat. Xuman)”

DJ Mix MP3 Download
DJ C & Zulu; Gods & Robots Mixtape ->

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Maga Bo’s new album “Archipelagoes”

Maga Bo Archipelagoes album cover

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DJ C “Mas Hits”

MP3 Download
DJ C “Mas Hit” Mini-Mix ->

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

DJ C Mas Hits Album Cover

Update: The “Mas Hits” album is out now. 16 tracks of massive mashups and ridiculous remixes ->

It’s been just about a year since we re-launched as a blog, online shop, podcast, and all around place for fiends. Over that year Mashit boss DJ C has produced and released a whole slew of bastard-pop-style mashups and remixes, many of which have been available as part of our Free Tunes series.

Now we’ve decided to release those mashups all together as a free download album, along with a few secret bonus tracks. The album, entitled “Mas Hits”, is out now. This is the teaser, in the form of a mini-mix (leaked here by Time Out Chicago), and music video.

DJ C “Mas Hits” Mini-Mix (’80s Cartoon Music Video Version)

Meanwhile, If this post over at Mad Decent is any indication, DJ mini-mixes are hot right now. Check the Bang Gang DJ’s mini-teaser for their upcoming mix album on Modular which features the DJ C and MC Jorge Stylo track “Juce”; forthcoming on Man Recordings.

The Bang Gang Deejays “D is for Disco, E is for Dancing!” Minimegamatronicmix
Download here ->

DJ C “Mas Hits” Mini-Mix Tracklist: Continue reading