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DJ C; B Series


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  1. DJ C; "Mashed Sesame"
  2. KMD; "Humrush"
  3. Master P., Silkk the Shocker, Magic, T-Bo, Krazy & Choppa; "Tight Whips (Instrumental)"
  4. Noah; "That Boy Chevy"
  5. Master P., Silkk the Shocker, Magic, T-Bo, Krazy & Choppa; "Tight Whips"
  6. Cecile & Ms. Dynamite; "The Application (Heatwave Remix)"
  7. The Jamaicans; "Ba Ba Boom"
  8. Beam Up; "Dipper"
  9. Mr. Blend; "Backintheday"
  10. Israel Vibration; "Rudeboy Shufflin (Jungle Style)"
  11. T-Woc; "4ball"
  12. Shaggy; "Stand Up"
  13. Dave Kelly; "Eighty Five Riddim"
  14. Zulu; "Spanish Fly"
  15. TV On Radio; "Dry Drunk Emperor"
  16. Filastine; "Quemaio Ya"
  17. Girl Talk; "Once Again"
  18. La Sonara & Elephant Man; "Killer in Tunisia (Latin Mix: Grubby)"
  19. Donavan; "Season of the Witch"
  20. Mary J Blige; "Family Affair (Instrumental)"
  21. Missy Elliot; "Back in the Day ft. Jay Z (A Capella)"
  22. Missy Elliot; "Beck in the Day (Instrumental)"
  23. Mary J Blige; "Family Affair (A Capella)"
  24. DJ A; "Muppet Beat"
  25. Public Enemy; "Bring the Noise (A Capella)"
  26. People Under the Stairs; "Tuxedo Rap"
  27. Beam Up; "Nahfader"
  28. Mr. Blend; "A Message"
  29. Go Home Productions; "Rock In Black"
  30. Wilco; "Jesus Etc."
  31. David Last vs. Andreas Tilliander; Self Titled
  32. Vibes Cartel; "Sweet To The Belly (Jr. Blender RMX)"

==> Blentcast4Pt.2: here


DJ C's Blentcast mix — the fourth in Blentwell’s podcast series — enjoyed nearly 13,000 downloads in its first 2 weeks online. The mix is available here, in a slightly modified form, as part of the "B" series DJ mixes. Because he had some trouble narrowing down his selection for the mix, it clocks in at nearly 120 mins. so we've broken it up into two parts, just in case you need to burn it to CD.

In true genre-blend style the mix is all over the map, filled with freaky dancehall, re-rubbed hip-hop, toxic mashups and much, much more. He also managed to sneak in a bunch of new and unreleased nuggets from various friends around the globe.

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