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DJ C; B Series


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  1. Eminem; "MOSH"
  2. Immortal Technique; "The Cause of Death"
  3. Sage Francis; "Makeshift Patriot"
  4. Hoonboy; "Gold Dust Ragga"
  5. DJ Green Lantern ft. Immotal Technique, Mos Def, Eminem; "Bin Laden"
  6. Dead Prez; "Know Your Enemy"
  7. Virtuoso (ft. Slaine); "Fahrenheit 911"
  8. DJ Sux; "Fuck You George Bush"
  9. The Legendary K.O.; "George Bush Doesn't Care About Black People"
  10. Jahba; "Bush is a Pussycloth"
  11. Cunninlynguists; "Dying Nation"
  12. The Impossebulls; "Circle of Lies"
  13. Aaron Spectre; "Look Out Fi Liar"


Just in time for election season '06, DJ C drops this politically charged mix reflecting back over the past few years under the Bush regime.

Now that mega-corps like Clear Channel own the public airwaves, you won't hear this kind of protest music the radio much. Thanks to the internets though, it's alive and well. Lets give an ear to the word on the streets, blogs, social-networks, and mix-tapes.

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