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Warrior Queen and The Heatwave Things Change DJ C: Mas Hits - Mashit, U.S (Free Digital Album), 2008

17 massive mashups and ridiculous remixes.
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Warrior Queen and The Heatwave Things Change DJ C & Zulu; Gods & Robots - Mashit, U.S (Digital Album)
Release Date: May 13, 2008

This album brings together some of DJ C & Zulu's vinyl singles which have continually sold out of the shops and have been getting heavy rotation from party DJs the world over. Add to that four brand new, previously unreleased tracks — including one with guest vocals by Aceyalone and Jah Orah — plus remixes by Ghislain Poirier and Chrissy Murderbot, and you've got Gods & Robots.
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Warrior Queen and The Heatwave Things Change DJ C & Zulu; Darling - Community Library, U.S/U.K. (12-inch vinyl) 2008

"The dynamic duo of DJ C and MC Zulu hook up again for another rugged bashment squeeze on ‘Darling’. The title cut tracks a similar route to their killer ‘body work’ riddim, rolling on the same mid paced bashment tempo but this time adding a rude grinding electro riff and industrial cowbell to rough it up some more in vocal and instrumental versions. Ghislain Poirier steps in on remix duties, adding a much needed slab of bottom end pressure and tweaking the rhythm with subtle phasing and flanging for a future bashment effect. Rugged rudeboy bizzle - KILLER twelve."
- Boomkat
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Warrior Queen and The Heatwave Things Change DJ Donna Summer; Rock Rock Rock Remixes - Cock Rock Disco, Germany (Digital Release) 2008

DJ Donna Summer (AKA Jason Forrest) asked DJ C and a bunch of other crazies to remix his track Rock Rock Rock — the first single on his new Cock Rock Disco release Panther Tracks. The outcome is a 14-track, completely free download album of remixes by folks like Glowstyx, Aaron Spectre, Black Rabbit, and many more. It’s a wild variation of rave-o-licious treats.
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Warrior Queen and The Heatwave Things Change Boston Bounce Compilation - Mashit, U.S. (Digital Release) 2008

Once upon a time a crew of Boston rhythm scientists spent months locked away in the labs developing fresh beat formulas especially for the dance-floor. The outcome of their experiments is a new fusion of sounds influenced by dubstep, Baltimore club, German techno, reggae and more.
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Warrior Queen and The Heatwave Things Change Warrior Queen & The Heatwave Things Change - Soul Jazz, U.K. (12-inch) 2008

Killer dancehall from Warrior Queen on The Heatwave's first production, the Piano riddim, released by Soul Jazz Records. Includes the instrumental plus a low slung, raved up bashment remix by DJ C.
More info @ The Heatwave website ->
Ssion Clown Ssion Clown - Sleazetone Records, U.S. (12-inch) 2008

"Ssion (pronounced "shun") have been getting hailed as next big things for years." - Pitchfork

This is the first single from their Fools Gold Album, with remixes by DJ C, Glass Candy, MOVES!!!, Noiss, and Chrissy Murderbot.
Sleezetone Records website ->
DJ C and Zulu Darling DJ C & Zulu Darling - Mashit, U.S. (digi-single) 2008

DJ C & Zulu come back to stun you with the big-bass-bounce! Ghislain Poirier provides the remix. Available exclusively at the Mashit MP3 download shop ->
Juggling Machine Juggling Machine Vol 1 - The Heatwave, U.K. (12-inch) 2007

Six track 12-inch featuring club blends and refixes from The Heatwave, plus contributions from Sinden (Kiss FM), Ghislain Poirier (Ninja Tune) and DJ C (Mashit).
More info from The Heatwave website ->

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Ghislain Poirier Blazin Ghislain Poirier; Blazin - Ninja Tune, Canada/U.K. (12-inch / Download) 2007

After breaking through with releases on the Chocolate Industries label, and his now infamous Bounce Le Remix series, as well as remixing and opening for Lady Sovereign on her first U.S. tour, Montreal's Ghislain Poirier drops a new album on the Ninja Tune label. DJ C and The Bug provide remixes on the frist single for the album; Blazin' featuring ragga vocalist Face-T. "Cosmopolitan bass & chunky digital dancehall" is what Poirier calls his style.

Download from:
JunoDownload | Dancetracks Digita | Digital-Tunes
DJ C "Soinc Weapons" Cover Art DJ C; Sonic Weapons Full-Length Album - WIMM Recordings, Japan (CD / Download) 2007

DJ C's debut full-length Sonic Weapons CD features guest appearances by Chicago-based bad-man ragga vocalist Zulu, world renowned Viennise thereminist Pamelia Kurstin, wicked wicked Boston riddim scholar Wayne&Wax, Jamaican vocalists Wasp and Dami D, and U.K. toaster Quality Diamond.

DJ C knows the bass! Sonic Weapons is a perfect collection of digital ragga, post-jungle tracks and big riddims with a really distinctive and personal approach. It's heavy, bouncy and perfect party music. I play his tracks often in my DJ sets!
- Ghislain Poirier

Bringing out the big guns... 'Sonic Weapons' is a rush. 4.5 Stars
- Remix Magazine

'Sonic Weapons' is not your everyday album. And that’s all for the good. 4 Stars.
- Time Out New York

This is about as proper as it gets. Throughout, C showcases his seemingly effortless abilty... Hard to imagine a summer throwdown without this little beaut. Verdict: C gets an A
- Weekly Dig

"This [July] saw the long-awaited release of DJ C's first full-length album, the formidably enjoyable 'Sonic Weapons'."

Like New England weather, the debut from Boston's own DJ C changes gears without rhyme or reason. Having remixed songs by M.I.A., the mash-up artist works his magic on a set that ping-pongs from hip-hop to dub to bhangra to rock.
- Boston Globe

--> More info
Starkey NC-17 EP Art Starkey; NC-17 EP - Dead Homies, U.S.A. (Double 12-inch Vinyl) 2007

Brilliant doublepack from Starkey here, featuring 3 new tracks alongside remixes from Drop the Lime, DJ C, Atki2, Dev79 and Murderbot - all pressed up on extremely loud double vinyl.

- Boomkat

See the Dead Homies label website for more information.

DJ C ft. Zulu; Body Work - Community Library, U.S.A. (10-inch Vinyl / Download) 2007

"The ever-esoteric Community Library label returns with what must be their most sellable pairing with this, the second transmission from DJ C and Zulu to date. This rough, rugged 10" rams the dance with the irrepressible boshment killer 'body work'. DJ C has really found his niche here, working up a grinding riddim grunting with gyrating pleasure and sure to cause carnage if dropped at the right moment on the right system. The "Version" on the flipside will come in handy for those of you who prefer to walk on the instrumental darkside - splintered dubstep with a dancehall vibe not a million miles removed from The Bug's signature sound - quality merchandise through and through."
- Boomkat
DJ C Sonic Weapons EP - Death$ucker, U.K. (12-inch Vinyl) 2007

This 12-inch features some tracks from the vault and a few new joints. On the A side we have Who Wah Seek Yo; the infamous, until now unreleased bluegrass-core tune, with it's killer banjo licks. Following that is LXC's remix of the same tune, taking crystal clean drum & bass and giving the hillbilly treatment. On the B side Come Back Version is another track from the DJ C vaults, this time cutting up jungle beats with large doses of reggae and dancehall thrown in for good measure. Gi Mi Di Break is a short DJ tool-like track and It Gets Worse is a bass-heavy downtempo number, delving into the murky dubstep genre, and features the world-renowned thereminist Pamelia Kurstin.
Remix of Celebrity by Max Sedgley - Sunday Best, U.K. (Download) 2006

remix, from Massachusetts' DJ C, evocative of the beat-grinding madness of Squarepusher or Aphex Twin, gracefully respects the melody, vocal and funk of the original, giving an experimental genre a sugar coating for the new, unfamiliar listener."
Out December 11, 2006 on the Rob Da Bank's UK-baced Sunday Best label.

Listen, and download at:

DJ C - Traced Milk EP Cosy Music, U.S.A. (Download) 2006

: You're probably familiar with the grimey-junglist-crunk-hall and bounce-beats that DJ C's known for, but somehow in the midst of the maddness there were moments of calm when he was able to sit down to compose the more chilled out little goodies that appear here on the Traced Milk EP.

Listen to, and download Traced Milk at:

Zulu & DJ C - Animal Attraction - Community Library, U.S.A., (7-inch vinyl) 2006

"...DJ C hooks up with his man Zulu for a killer 7" on Community Library. Taking a bare bones post jungle template with a metronomic hi-hat allowing the lumpen gabber kick/snare pattern to twist itself into a highly developed steppers pattern over invisible subhits and sticky bass. A proper tasty little slice of steppers riddim methodology." - Boomkat.
DJ C - Ransom The Senator EP - Death$ucker, U.K. (12-inch vinyl / Download) 2006

On the A-side is the politically charged Ransom The Senator, featuring lyrics and vocals by Zulu, and a dub / instrumental version of the same track. The B side features the "highly addictive and extremely bouncy" Nuttin Attall.
Jonny P, Kid606, DJ C - Seaga Face and PJ Body - Shockout, U.S.A. (12-inch vinyl) 2006

DJ C and id606 serve up some rankin' riddims for Jonny P's anti-bleaching anthem "Seaga Face and P.J. Body." Kid606's mix is a slinky funkstep dancehall stomper with clean vocals and a grindin bassline. DJ C comes with a timely but original floor-stomping reggaeton-influenced riddim. Both instrumental versions appear here as well.
Mashit 008 - Debaser and DJ C - Crazy Baldheads - (12-inch vinyl) 2005

DJ C remixes Debaser's refix of the Bob Marley classic.
M.I.A.; Galang '05 - XL Recordings, U.K. (CD Single) 2005

DJ C's Remix of M.I.A.'s U.R.A.Q.T. appears on this CD single, alsong with a Galang remix by Serj Tankian from System of a Down.
Gregory Isaacs; Gone a Jail - Shockout U.S.A. (12-inch Vinyl) 2005

DJ C, Kid 606, and Stratagy each rock a mix on this one. DJ C's dub version is on there too.
DJ C and Quality Diamond; Let It Billie - Scandal Bag 02, U.K. (7" vinyl) 2005

DJ C's refix of Billy Jungle, with Jamacian/UK vocalist Quality Diamond, released on 7" by London's Scandal Bag label. Side A's got the Let it Billy (Jungle Mix) while side AA features the Let it Billie (Dancehall Mix).
Mashit 006 - DJ Flack - Meet Mr. Doobie / Story of Oh - (12-inch vinyl) 2005

DJ C remixes the EOSS remix of Flack's classic, Story Of Oh.
Mashit 005 - Wayne And Wax - A It Dat - (12-inch vinyl) 2004

DJ C rocks a couple of junglist mixes on this dancehall jam featuring Wayne And Wax, Dami D, and Wasp on the vocals.
Mashit 004 - DJ C - Billy Jungle - (12-inch vinyl) 2004

DJ C, of EOSS, remixes Shinehead's version of Billy Jean into a dancehall junglist scorcher. Out of print.
Wayne Lonesome - Come Back Wicked - Shockout 4 - (12-inch vinyl) 2004

DJ C remixes Wayne Lonesome's "Come Back Wicked" for this Tigerbeat6 sub-label, along side OVe-NaXx and Timeblind.
Mashit 003 - EOSS - Wacko Macko is Backo (DJ C, Babylon a Fall mix) - (12-inch vinyl) 2004

is on the one side of this Mashit 12", and EOSS - Overgrown Technology remix of Moosaka is on the other.
(((RE:SOUND))) Compilation - Mashit (CD) 2004

DJ C's Boston You're My Bounce Appears on this compilation featuring all of the performers at the (((RE:SOUND))) warehouse party in Oct, '04. DJ C's 20 min. Mashit Mix for the John Peel "label of the month" feature on BBC Radio 1 also appears here, as do a couple tracks DJ C made with DJ Flack under the name DuoTone.
Ripley - Ich Bin Defekt - Death$ucker (CD) 2004

A few DJ C joints appear on this stellar mix by Ripley on the Death$ucker label from Bristol UK.
Mashit 002 - Sick - Steaktippin’ (EOSS’ Free Range mix) / DJ C and Pamelia Kurstin - It Gets Worse - Mashit (12" vinyl) 2003

Various DJ C collaborations. Out of print.
Mashit 001 - DJ C and Aaron Spectre feat. Capleton - Concience A Heng Dem - Mashit (12" vinyl) 2003

DJ C remixes a Capleton tune in a rough and rugged junglist breakcore style. Aaron Spectre then remixes that as a punchy jungle mashdown. Out of print.
DJ C - Live at Montserat College of Art February 10th, 2001 Reckank... (3" CD) 2001

Keith Fullerton Whitman (Hrvatski) here turns a live DJ C set into an ambient bass drone.
Club d'Elf - As Above (CD) 2001

DJ C appears on a couple of tracks on this double CD by Microvard's band, along with legends like John Madeski and many more.
CloudWatch: a Soundtrack to a Freeform Gathering V2: (CD) 2000

This compilation features the tune Carrot by DJ C, which later appeared on EOSS's Roots Wreck Remix album. Out of print.

EOSS and Other Projects:

EOSS - Roots Wreck Remix - Bliss Recordings - CD: Features the Wroller Wreck EP, the Roots EP, and remixes by Hrvatski and Tube. 2000, out of print.
EOSS - Roots - Bliss Recordings - 5 track 12" EP: Features "Carrot," "Radish," "Beet," "Turnip," and "Hrvatski's Night Vision" version of "Carrot." 1999.
EOSS - Wroller Wreck - Bliss Recordings - 4 track 12" EP: Wreck step and dubtronix. 1998, out of print.
EOSS - Herbanism - Bliss Recordings - CD: The debut, Full length CD release from EOSS. 1996, out of print.
Left Bank - Compilation CD: The EOSS track "SDML" appears on this compilation of Boston IDM headz. 2002.
Various - RKK-13 - CD: EOSS remixes "Steak Tippin'" by Sick, from the Attention Cats compilation on Reckank- Reuzunqsklankewerkzeuge. 2001.
toneburst cd Toneburst Collective - Blliss Recordings - Compilation CD: Fresh beets from the Boston electronic underground, featuring 2 tracks by EOSS, one remixed by DJ /rupture. 1998.
DJ Flack - Dispenser - Bliss Recordings - CD:
EOSS remixes "The Story of Oh" on this DJ Flack full-length album. 1999.
Moosaka - Sound Thoughts - Stree Forest - CD/Double 12": EOSS does a remix on this super-lo-fi double vinyl/CD of conceptual hip-hop from Moosaka. 1999.
DuoTone - Early Art History / A Tribute to H. Bosch - CD Single With Art Show Catalog - Massachusetts College of Art : DJ C and DJ Flack, here as DuoTone, present an a-capella-hip-hop rendition of Flacks classic rhyme. DJ C on the Human Beatbox. This CD comes with the catalog for a 2004 gallery show at the college called Earthly Delights. 2004.
Jake Trussell (EOSS) - Touched - Motion Picture Soundtrack - Blind Dog Films - DVD: Jake Trussell (AKA EOSS AKA DJ C) scored this award winning documentary about people who believe they’ve been abducted by aliens. 2003
Cul de Sac - The Stranglers Wife - Motion Picture Soundtrack - Strange Attractors Audio House - CD: Jake Trussell teams up with legendary "post rock" group Cul de Sac again here on this score for a Roger Corman film. Chosen by the Wire magazine as one of the best of 2003.
Cul de Sac / Damo Suzuki - Abhayamudra - Strange Attractors Audio House - CD: Trussell makes an appearance on this compilation of live recordings from Cul de Sac's time on the road with legendary Can front-man Damo Suzuki. 2004.
Cul de Sac - Death of the Sun - Strange Attractors Audio House - CD: Trussell and CDS collaborate again on this album, chosen by Art Forum magazine as one of the best of 2003.
Tiger Saw - Blessed are the Trials We Will Find - Kimchee Records - CD: Jake Trussell was the bass player for Tiger Saw for a couple of years and this album was recorded durring that time. 2002.
Fight Like Family - Compilation CD: EOSS meets DJ FLACK in the "Story of Oh" remix on this compilation of Massachusetts based bands. 1999.
Envy 13 - Compilation CD: "Magical Condition" by EOSS appears on this CD compilation of Massachusetts based bands. 1998.
Hrvatski - Swarm and Dither - Planet µ - CD: Hrvatski's remix of "Carrot" by EOSS appears on this Planet µ album. 2002.

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