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Sonic Weapons

Debut Full-Lenght CD by DJ C

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DJ C; Sonic Weapons Cover Art

The CD features guest appearances by Chicago-based bad-man ragga vocalist Zulu, world renowned Viennise thereminist Pamelia Kurstin, wicked wicked Boston riddim scholar Wayne&Wax, Jamaican vocalists Wasp and Dami D, and U.K. toaster Quality Diamond.

DJ C knows the bass! Sonic Weapons is a perfect collection of digital ragga, post-jungle tracks and big riddims with a really distinctive and personal approach. It's heavy, bouncy and perfect party music. I play his tracks often in my DJ sets!
- Ghislain Poirier

Bringing out the big guns... 'Sonic Weapons' is a rush. 4.5 Stars
- Remix Magazine

'Sonic Weapons' is not your everyday album. And that’s all for the good. 4 Stars.
- Time Out New York

This is about as proper as it gets. Throughout, C showcases his seemingly effortless abilty... Hard to imagine a summer throwdown without this little beaut. Verdict: C gets an A
- Weekly Dig

"This [July] saw the long-awaited release of DJ C's first full-length album, the formidably enjoyable 'Sonic Weapons'."

Like New England weather, the debut from Boston's own DJ C changes gears without rhyme or reason. Having remixed songs by M.I.A., the mash-up artist works his magic on a set that ping-pongs from hip-hop to dub to bhangra to rock.
- Boston Globe

DJ C, one of [Boston’s] most accomplished and influential electronic musicians is leaving the Bean and moving to C-town. But not without a bang... Sonic Weapons is the first full-length he’s released as DJ C.... [He] has produced an abundance of some of the best beats and mixes to come out of Boston in the past decade.
- Sonic Heart

A Sonic Weapons 12-inch EP has also been released on the Death$ucker label, which features a couple of tracks from the album, as well as the infamous, but as yet unreleased bluegrass-core tune, Who Wah Seek Yo, and a remix of said track by Leipzig, Germany's LXC.

What's next breakcore with soul? There are so many influences injected into this record it's quite breathtaking, but the real killer is the bass heavy dancefloor killer 'Come Back Version'. Get in!!

Where / How To Buy

DJ C's Sonic Weapons album is available from the Mashit MP3 download shop.

Preview/Buy Tracks Now ->

The album is also available in CD format all across the lands and from online retailers like these:

Or ask for it at your favorite mom and pop record shop.

Track List

  1. Animal Attraction (ft. Zulu)
  2. Gi Mi Di Break
  3. Let it Billie (Remix, ft. Quality
  4. Wacko Macko is Backo (Edit)
  5. Crazy Version (Edit)
  6. New Year Riddim
  7. Point Blank
  8. DJ C It Dat (ft. Wayne&Wax, Dami D,and Wasp)
  9. Ento
  10. Come Back Version
  11. Gone A Version
  12. It Gets Worse (ft Pamelia Kurstin)
  13. Hear=D+Beat
  14. Nuttin Attall
  15. Ransom the Senator (ft. Zulu)
  16. Dehydrogenated (ft. Pamelia Kurstin)

Liner Notes

Many of the sonic weapons contained in this album have been used by top DJs around the world to kill sound-systems and destroy dance-floors. Closely coveted, they're brought out from arsenals at special moments when heavy artillery is called for.

This is a warfare not of physical violence, but instead a sonic battle for dance-floor supremacy. These tracks present a combination of compositional-complexity and pure visceral energy that puts them in opposition to the vast conspiracy of the mundane. They draw from musical roots deep in the underground and radically join genres together into a sturdy trunk. The branches reach around the globe like tenticles slapping bootys and moving feet everywhere.

These sonic weapons are also for use as a defense in the war against dancing. This crackdown can be resisted. Use these tracks for good times and fun. The enemies of moving rhythmically will be defeated.

Long live the dance! Fight for your right to party!

Colaboratiors on the album

Producer, engineer and reggae singer, Zulu is an estabished solo artist as well as collaborator with DJ C, Kool Keith, Aceyalone, and more. Currently based in Chicago, Zulu got his start as a producer of house and underground hip hop, but later returned to reggae, creating his own riddims from scratch and bringing a distinctly Panamanian perspective (his initial tracks were in both english and spanish, with a strong regaeton influence) but later focusing mainly on the Caribbean patois style and ruff dancehall delivery. Zulu's international combinations and timeless-yet-futuristic melodic sensibilities, in addition to his experience across genres of dance music make him a stande-out artist.

Quality Diamond
Quality Diamond is a Jamaican vocalist who lives in Bristol, England and has been known to perform along-side such greats at Beenie Man and Capleton.

Wayne&Wax, Dami D and Wasp
An ethnomusicologist by training, an MC/DJ/producer by calling, and a blogger by choice, Wayne&Wax's makes tracks, mashes, mixes, podcasts and all sorts of musical things. Dubbed "riddim professor" by the Boston Phoenix, Wayne&Wax recently completed a Ph.D. dissertation on the thirty-year interplay between hip-hop and reggae. While living in Jamaica during the first half of 2003, Wayne conducted dissertation research, recorded an album’s worth of songs, interviews, and soundscape samples, and initiated a series of digital music workshops in high schools and prisons in and around Kingston. The resulting album Boston Jerk is a classic. The beats are phat and the lyrics are brilliant. On top of all that, he teaches electronic music courses at Harvard Extension School and Brown University, and pens the stellar music blog. While in Jamaica Wayne recorded a number of tunes with the super-talented up-and-coming vocalists Dami D and Wasp. "A It Dat" was featured on Wayne's "Boston Jerk" album and the 12-inch single was released on Masht.

Pamelia Kurstin
Pamelia Kurstin is the world's greatest theraminist. While most people view the theramin as an instrument for making eerie science fiction sound effects, or as a tool that can simulate pure stringed instrument-like tones, Pamelia can make it sound like everything from a grumbling electro bass to a layered symphony when she patches it through her looping pedals. She's even been known to drop some Thermin riffs over hip-hop and jungle beats. Kurstin is a theremin virtuoso who makes beautiful and amazing sounds with this earliest of electronic musical instruments. She has performed and recorded with the likes of Tortoise, Cibo Mato, Sean Lennon, David Burne, and Matthew Sweet, among many others. Kurstin has performed live the world over, from Manhattan's avant garde Tonic club, to Saturday Night Live, to world tours with bands like Air. Originally from Los Angeles, she spent many years living in New York City and now resides in Vienna Austria.

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