Releases DJ C; Umami (16 track album: Amazon MP3, iTunes) Deliciously varied and delectably danceable Listen/Download at Amazon MP3 -> DJ C; Sonic Weapons (16 track album: Amazon MP3, iTunes) To kill sound-systems and destroy dance-floors Listen/Download at Amazon MP3 -> Electro Organic Sound System; Roots Wreck Remix (10-track Album: Amazon MP3, iTunes) Wreck-step, ambient-dub, jungle, […]

“Blend De Luxe” DJ Mix

Tel Aviv’s Soulico crew has been on our radar for minute; dropping a series mashups, tracks, and mixes as part of the JDub records camp (Balkan Beat Box etc.). They recently sent us this hot party mix consisting entirely of their own blends and we think you’ll enjoy it: [Audio clip: view full post to […]

I. Adore. Lime.

Howdy folks! Murderbot speaking. I am new to this whole fancy “BLOG” thing, and also woefully behind on the whole “world of modern music” nonsense, so I guess I’ll start things out by enumerating some of my very favorite older things that I think should be a little higher-profile than they are in the current […]