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Magda Boreysza!

Now here’s an up-and-coming visual artist of whom I am incredibly fond. Her name is Magda Boreysza, she lives/works in Scotland (although she’s originally from Poland), and I just adore her stuff. ADORE!

She’s the one who did the really slick Cuddling Lion of Judah images for the Murderbot digital release (if you haven’t bought it yet, what’s the hold-up?), and a lot of people have been asking me about the art so I figured I’d give her some blog time. In addition to smaller illustrations she does murals and puppetry. She’s currently in the process of tying up the loose edges on her website, magdaboreysza.com. More links and another bit of art after the break:

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Jeremy Fish Serato Controllers!

Just copped these guys today: super-limited Serato Scratch picture disc controllers designed by San Fran-based illustration superstar (and Aesop Rock collaborator) Jeremy Fish. Apparently limited to 500 2×12″ sets (retailing at $50), they were up on Turntable Lab for a super-short while until Rane caught wind of it and made a big stink. Everything is the same as a regular Serato record, except they’re puuurdy.